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Also let’s remember that Nickelodeon’s current VA directing staff is garbage. I’m sure they treat Tom with respect because come on he’s Tom Fucking Kenny.

But let’s remember how Nickelodeon treated Gabriel Iglesias when they asked him to do Voiceover.


I'm so glad to have a   s i s t e r   more like   m e

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What is it like out there where they glow?

The person I blogged this from deserves to have a great day
Anonymous asked:
Hey how do I tell my parents or friends I'm dating a person online and we plan to meet one day? we have known each other for a few years english isn't his first language what do I do? Should I even tell them? I'm scared they will laugh or think its not a real relationship ; 3 ; I'm nervous

Just as a note, if you two meet you’ll get further than I ever did! When I was in an online relationship, we were together for two years without ever making it to that point, so I may not be the most qualified person to give you advice on this….being honest about the situation and your feelings might be the least complicated way to go about this. I know when I first started talking to my mom about “my boyfriend in California who I met over the internet and have never seen in person” she was apprehensive as hell, but she warmed up to the idea little by little until our relationship was accepted as a pretty regular thing in my life. Now, I can’t assume anything about you, or what your relationship with your s/o or your parents is like, but I think going official on Facebook helped my parents/friends/family kind of accept the relationship as legitimate? It’s kind of like “oh there he is” and the next day “oh, there he still is!” and so on. Some people definitely laughed at me (you’ll live I promise!) but a lot of the people around me turned out to be very supportive about it, especially my local friends. Expect curiosity, except some initial doubts, and be open to answering your parents’ questions! I think of they see that you two know each other extremely well and love each other and are as regular as any other couple except for being apart, they’ll understand.

And that’s about where I stop being useful to you I think fghdggh. I welcome anyone else to chime in!

we’re finally moving into our new house and it’s so beautiful!!!!!!!!!